CNA Classes: Online vs. In Person

CNA Classes: Online vs. In Person

Becoming a certified nursing assistant, or a CNA, requires education and training. When it comes to taking CNA classes, you have a couple of options. You can go with in-person classes that take place in a traditional classroom. Or, you can opt for CNA courses held online. Considering the pros and cons of each option may help you to decide on the best choice for you.

The Pros of In-Person Classes

The ability to interact with fellow classmates is one of the biggest pros of taking in-
person classes to become a CNA. If you like to exchange ideas with other students and discuss topics, then in-person classes may be an appealing choice for you. Some students prefer in-person classes because they feel more focused in a traditional setting. When they walk into a classroom, they know it’s time to get down to work. Also, many learners benefit from hearing the instructor answer questions asked by other students.

The Cons of In-Person Classes

One con of in-person instruction is you must attend class at a specific time every day or week. If you work full-time, you may not be able to adjust your schedule to attend in-person CNA classes. A second con is you have to travel to the building where the class is being held. This means you have to spend money on gas and find a parking place when you arrive at your destination. In addition, some students find it difficult to learn due to the distractions in a traditional classroom. For example, students in the class may be talking or texting on their phones which can affect a classmate’s ability to focus on the lesson.

The Pros of Online Classes

Today, online CNA courses are a popular option with many students. One of the pros of online classes is you can take them in a comfortable environment. You may want to take your online course in a study room at the local library or at home in your kitchen. Online learning gives you a lot flexibility as to your learning environment. A second pro is students participating in online instruction don’t have to contend with the distracting behavior of fellow students. Online learning makes it easier to focus on what your instructor is saying.

The Cons of Online Classes

One con of taking an online class is you may be tempted to participate in other activities on the computer while class is in session. For instance, you may be tempted to surf the web on another screen or text on your phone while your online class is going on. Another con of online courses is you may be interrupted by family members or others around you at home, in a café or elsewhere. If this happens, it can take a while for you to refocus.

Finally, knowing your own study preferences and habits can be helpful in making a choice between in-person or online CNA classes.