Five Most Common Work-Related Injuries

Five Most Common Work-Related Injuries


No matter where you work or what type of position you have, work-related injuries are always possible and can have a major impact on your life. Thousands of workers are killed at work every year, and significantly more are injured, meaning you are far from alone if you are among that number. These injuries can come from just about anything, too, and many can result in hefty medical expenses. Always remember to keep workplace safety a priority, and be sure to ask your HR department what workplace policies your company has in place to both prevent work-related injuries as well as assist workers who suffer from them. The list below is far from comprehensive, but if you suffer from an injury that is on this list or any other type of work-related injury, be sure to learn about workers’ compensation and what your rights are.

Five Most Common Work-Related InjuriesSlips and Falls

I’m sure you’ve had to take workplace safety classes of some sort at some point in your life, and those classes are always sure to mention slips and falls because they are a major cause of workplace injury. This category includes everything from falling off a ladder to slipping on a wet floor and can result in major physical damage. After a slip or fall, many are required to take time off work while they heal. Meanwhile, medical bills from these types of injuries pile up. These injuries also often require time with a rehabilitation center, so be sure to get quality treatment from places like Compass Rehabilitation Center to ensure further injury does not occur.


Millions of cab and truck drivers work around the world, and it’s more than likely that most of them will get in an accident before they retire or leave the job. In fact, vehicle accidents are a top cause of injury and death for Americans, so every hour you spend on the road increases your odds of being involved in an accident. For positions like this, it is even more important to stay up-to-date on your company’s policies and options for injured workers. Even if you are simply driving the company car when you are in an accident, you may be able to receive financial compensation and other types of assistance if you are performing work within your job scope and on the clock.

Repetitive Motion InjuriesFive Most Common Work-Related Injuries

This is becoming an increasingly big problem as more and more people’s positions require they spend long hours on a computer. The repetitive motion of typing on a keyboard or moving a mouse around can cause serious wear on your wrists and hands. This may not sound serious, but it can become extremely painful and cost a lot of money to fix. Other work can also cause this, however, as many positions require repetitive motions like on assembly lines or even in custodial work.

Falling or Crushing Objects

Unless everything in your office is bolted to the floor, you’re at risk for this type of injury. Thousands of people suffer injury from falling and crushing objects at work every year, and it can cause much more serious harm than most people realize. When thinking of this type of injury, people most often think of workplaces like warehouses where heavy objects can easily slide or fall, but you are likely at risk even if you are in a cubical. This especially becomes true if the area in which you work is prone to earthquakes as improperly secured objects can quickly become hazardous in these disasters. It is not unusual to hear about a ceiling tile falling and cutting someone or breaking a bone, a poorly-secured sculpture falling over and seriously hurting someone, a door slamming while someone is in the way, or even the shelves above your desk coming loose and falling. Always be aware of what is around and above you while at work, and make sure to ask if everything is properly secured to prevent this type of injury.

Five Most Common Work-Related InjuriesElectrocution

This one may seem obvious, but always be careful when working with electricity. If you are not properly trained, do not, under any circumstances, mess around with electrical wires and outlets. In most states, many types of workplaces like doctors’ offices and shopping centers are required to cover all outlets with plastic safety coverings to prevent workers, visitors, customers, and clients from hurting themselves. If your workplace does not, it is important to ask management to purchase them as they are an extremely cheap way to prevent a serious injury. In fact, you can often purchase them at about $5.00 for 50 on Amazon. Most people do not shock themselves severely when they do shock themselves on an outlet, but these encounters can sometimes cause serious damage to the circulatory and nervous systems as well as harm muscle and even bone.