Teeth Whitening – Is It Good for Your Teeth?

If you drink a lot of coffee, tea, wine or soda, then teeth whitening is something you have considered. Sometimes brushing just doesn’t cut it. There are a lot of different foods and drinks that stain your teeth and over time cause them to yellow, and, perhaps, become unsightly. If you look in the mirror and don’t like your smile then you might be thinking teeth whitening is the answer. Well, that may not be true. Here we go into to detail on whether or not teeth whitening is actually healthy for your teeth.


Why would I want to whiten my teeth?

There are many different processes to teeth whitening. The idea behind them all is to get a brighter smile, but why do people want to do this? Well, one of the reasons behind yellowing teeth is age, and white teeth give off a younger appearance. So some people will whiten their teeth, instead of getting cosmetic surgery. Teeth whitening also improves confidence in your smile, when you are not worried about your yellow teeth. Another reason is to even-out your teeth’s shading. There are people whose teeth did not fade evenly. Getting your teeth whitened can give you a more polished, even shade to your teeth.

Is it worth it?

There are so many reasons for wanting to whiten your teeth. The list can go on and on, but is it worth it? As you can see most of the reasons behind wanting to whiten your teeth are based in vanity or cosmetic. In fact, there are no medical reasons for needing to get your teeth whitened. So will whitening your teeth damage them?

You will be happy to know, the answer is no. Obviously, every dental procedure has its side effects, but if done properly teeth whitening will not cause any lasting damage to your teeth.

How can I get my teeth whitened?

There are multiple different ways to whiten your teeth. There are many at home remedies as well as take home kits you can try. These are significantly less expensive and if you are not completely set on getting your teeth whitened, these are the way to go. There are whitening tubes of toothpaste, stripes, and gels that will need to become a part of your daily regimen if you want them to work. However, with these cheaper options, your teeth will not become as white, and it will be something you have to work at every day. So what are your other options?

There are two options for teeth whitening that can be overseen by a dentist. The first is Zoom Teeth Whitening. This is where the dentist will use a special light that will remove the stains on your teeth. This method produces instant, long-lasting results and can be completed in one visit to the dentist.

The other option is Tray whitening. This process is more timely. You will go to the dentist and get a mold of your teeth. You will then take home your custom teeth whitening kit, with the mold and a whitening gel. You will apply the gel to the mold, and the mold then sits on your teeth overnight. This also produces long-lasting results but takes longer to show improvement.

However you choose to whiten your teeth, just know you don’t have to worry about causing any damage. If you live in the Lansing area and are interested in going the dentistry route, then you should pay a visit to Derksen Dentistry. Dr. Derksen is a Lansing family dentist, who offers both of the previously mentioned methods of whitening. Now you can enjoy your coffee and soda and still have a beautiful, confident smile.