Pacific Northwest Travel Guide

The Pacific Northwest is loosely defined as the region between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. Most include Washington State, Oregon and the Canadian province of British Columbia, but some consider all the way north to Alaska and all the way south to North California to be a part of this region. No matter, this large area allows for a large amount of activities and restaurants and must see sights. Here are just a few must-dos to add to your list if traveling in this region.


Rockaway Beach, Oregon

This beach is the perfect destination for families. With an endless list of activities, including flying kites, building sandcastles and cuddling in front of the fire, it will be hard not to enjoy yourself. Beach activities not enough? There is plenty to do in the Rockaway area including the Tillamook Cheese Factory. If you choose to stop by Tillamook be sure to try the ice cream as well as the cheese. Other good eats in the area include Offshore Grill and Coffeehouse, Old Oregon Smokehouse, Lakeside Hideaway and Upper Crust Pizza. If this area is one that interests you be sure to visit Starfish Vacation Rentals and book your vacation rental soon.


Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon Downtown Waterfront Skyline along Willamette River at Blue Hour Twilight

This historic city has so much to offer; even how it got its name is interesting. When the founders Asa Lovejoy and F.W. Pettygrove needed to decide on a name, they both wanted to name the town after their respective hometowns. It was left to a coin toss which Pettygrove won, two times out of three. So Portland got its name from Portland, Maine. Although the rain is persistent all year round, the best time to visit is truly in the summer when the rain fall lessens and the temperatures increase. Some must-dos in Portland are:

For eating you should go to:

When visiting Portland, be prepared to spend more than just a few days there to really take in everything.


Leavenworth, Washington


Leavenworth is a beautiful little town in Washington, full of festivals, wine shops and art galleries. The biggest ones to mention are:

  • Leavenworth Octoberfest : There is so much to see and enjoy at Leavenworth Octoberfest including live music and performances from bands from the US, Canada and Germany. And of course food and drinks to go along with the festival.
  • Christmas Lighting Festival: Lights are up from Thanksgiving all the way through middle of February in Leavenworth, but the first three full weekends in December are completely dedicated to holiday cheer and half a million Christmas lights.
  • Bavrian IceFest: A true celebration of winter in Leavenworth style. Celebrated each year on MLK Jr. Weekend, with Christmas lights still twinkling all around it is a true winter wonderland.
  • O’Grady’s Pantry & Mercantile: Set at the base of the Icicle Canyon, this casual cafe features the best of Northwest cuisine prepared with fresh local ingredients.
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory: Indulge yourself with fresh caramel apples, fine assorted chocolates and homemade fudge. Look for Truffles the Bear in front of the store.

If these festivals, restaurants and shops intrigued you, then you’ll definitely want to stop in Little Bavaria and enjoy all it has to offer. If you would like to stay close to town we recommend Pine River Ranch, a vacation rental and wedding destination in Leavenworth.


Carson, Washington


Carson is a small community within Carson River Valley in the southwestern part of Washington. This beautiful community is full of natural water falls and hot springs and here are some of the top must sees:

  • Falls Creek Falls: These beautiful falls are surrounded by easy hiking trails, but still provides a healthy workout and it ends with the beautiful sight of the falls. The trail itself winds through gorgeous, deep green forests which you can enjoy along the way.
  • Carson Mineral Hot Spring: This hot spring allows you to enjoy a relaxing hots spring mineral bath. There are also opportunities to get a massage and body wrap with your mineral bath. This is well worth the trip if only to relax for a little while.
  • Dog Creek Falls: If you do not like the idea of hiking as much then these are the falls to see. They are much closer to the road and can in fact be seen from the parking lot. But the easily visible falls definitely deserve a walk-up, to truly enjoy their beauty.

The Falls Creek Falls are just a short drive away from a beautiful bed and breakfast called Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, which is the perfect place to stay to enjoy the sights, sounds and activities of Carson, Washington

There are so many more places to visit in the Pacific Northwest our list could go on forever, but these are some of the best, with the most activities and gorgeous sights that this region has to offer. If you plan to travel to this region, know that the weather can be testy and you should do research on when is the best time to visit whichever city or state you plan to visit. Hope you enjoy your vacation to Pacific Northwest United States.